$7.5 Million Awarded to Jail Detainees Denied Prescription Drugs

$7.5 Million Awarded to Jail Detainees Denied Prescription Drugs

According to an agreement reached in federal court, Cook County, Illinois, is now required to pay $7.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit that was filed against them for waiting longer than 24 hours to provide Cook County Jail detainees with their needed prescription medications.

According to the lawsuit, which covers all Cook County Jail detainees who entered the jail between 2005 and 2013, medications that some detainees were denied include those that would treat asthma and mental health problems.

While the lawsuit cites both the county and the sheriff’s office, a written statement issued reads that “the sheriff’s office did not take part in the decision to settle this case. These healthcare decisions were made by Cermak Health Services, a division of Cook County Health. We continue to work closely with Cermak staff in our goal to maintain and promote good health and safety among detainees.”

One of the detainees impacted, Michael Parish, claims that the jail refused to give him medication the state prison system sent over to treat his bipolar disorder. One year later, he cut himself to get the attention of authorities and was able to acquire his medication.

After settlement, the award for each person who entered Cook County Jail between 2005 and 2011 will be awarded $200, and those who entered between 2011 and 2013 will be admitted $100. The settlement will also give bonuses to those who provided testimony in the case. Parish will receive $25,000. The settlement also provides $2.5 million for the detainees’ lawyers.

How Class-Action Lawsuits Start

It only takes one person to initiate a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all who have been harmed by the defendant, however, in some cases the law may require a minimum number of individuals to form a class-action lawsuit. The way to know for certain is to file a lawsuit and proceed with the process.

Individuals who decide to file class-action lawsuits don’t need to pay. If a lawsuit is successful, lawyers will receive payments through the settlement. The only right you give up when you join or file a class-action lawsuit is the ability to file an individual lawsuit against the same defendant.

Benefits of Joining Class-Action Lawsuits

Joining an already-formed class-action lawsuit may be your best chance of recovering damages if you have limited financial resources and time.

Benefits of being part of a class-action lawsuit include:

  • No lawyer fees
  • Successful settlements pay attorneys out of recoveries
  • Chance to recover smaller damages
  • Streamlined process with one court and one decision
  • Uniform judgments
  • Reduced stress from going through the case alone

If you were harmed by the negligent actions of a corporation, especially through a dangerous medication, call our team immediately. The sooner we file your claim, the sooner you can recover damages and protect others who were harmed by the same medication.

25+ Years of Experience & Billions Recovered

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