Hospital Acquired Infections (MRSA)

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Hospitals may be one of the most dangerous places in the country due to the number of sick and ill people who visit and stay at them. Some studies have determined that 5% of all hospital patients will contract a disease or illness due to their time spent at the hospital, and others place hospital acquired infections as the fourth leading cause of death in America. For years, medical staff claimed that these stray infections were unavoidable due to the nature and purpose of a hospital but advancements in technology and research have all but eliminated "unavoidable infections."

If you or a loved one became ill due to time spent in a hospital, it is likely that hospital malpractice and negligence played a role. Miami Medical Malpractice Lawyer David C. Rash and our team can use our 20+ years of legal experience to fully investigate your claim, pinpoint who or what caused your sickness, and advocate for compensation on your behalf. Whether it was a hospital staff member, nursing staff, or physician that caused your injuries, we can help you.

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Infections Commonly Spread Around Hospitals

Hospital staff need to be incredibly careful with how they sterilize environments and protect their patients not only because there are dangerous illnesses present there not found in other areas, but also because patients are more vulnerable to them. Immune systems in the ill are lowered as they fight one infection, which can allow a second, undetected infection to harm them. Failing to give necessary antibiotics, ignoring safety and health protocols, and not changing intravenous tubes properly may all lead to hospital acquired infection.

Infections spread by negligent hospital staff may include:

  • MRSA
  • C. difficile
  • CRE
  • CRAB
  • Pneumonia
  • Streptococcal pharyngitis (strep throat)

Surgery May Lead to Infection

It is also common for patients to have greatly lowered immune system strength after undergoing any sort of surgery. The procedure itself is stressful upon the body, making staving off foreign entities and viruses difficult. Additionally, the wound or surgery site itself can be prone to infection if it is not properly sterilized, or if a mistake occurs during the operation and is not properly addressed.

If you are undergoing a surgery soon, please follow these steps for your own health and safety:

  1. Research common signs of infections.
  2. Obtain any necessary antibiotics or prescriptions.
  3. Request any required hair removal to be done immediately before the surgery.
  4. Insist that everyone in the operating room wash their hands.
  5. Keep your home sterile and bed sterile at all times.
  6. Distance yourself from sick family members until you fully recover.

You Can Hold Your Hospital Accountable

A hospital might be a large organization of professionals but it is not infallible, and it is certainly not immune from legal repercussions. If you believe that your illness originated from a hospital acquired infection that should have been preventable, you need to be willing to your hospital and its staff accountable for what they have done. With the help of our Florida medical malpractice attorney, you do not have to go through this time alone. Contact ustoday and let us know what has happened – your future comfort and health will thank you.

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