Shoulder Dystocia Injuries

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Although not an injury itself, shoulder dystocia is the root cause of many other birth injuries. This problem occurs during delivery, when the baby's shoulders get trapped behind the mother's pubic bones. As a result, numerous injuries can occur, including:

  • Fractured clavicle
  • Brachial plexus nerve injuries
  • Hypoxic brain injury
  • Fractured humerus

It is estimated that 20 percent of babies who experience shoulder dystocia will have a temporary or permanent injury. Shoulder dystocia is preventable, but many doctors make unfortunate mistakes that can cause or aggravate injuries to the baby. If you or your child experienced any complications related to shoulder dystocia, it is imperative that you retain a medical malpractice attorney. Our firm represents individuals throughout Florida and can ensure that your legal needs are met.

How is Medical Malpractice Linked to Shoulder Dystocia?

Certain factors can increase the likelihood of shoulder dystocia, such as maternal obesity, post-term pregnancy, and operational vaginal delivery. When these factors are present, obstetricians must be especially aware of the possibility of shoulder dystocia. Negligence by the medical staff is serious and can lead to permanent injuries caused by shoulder dystocia.

In instances of shoulder dystocia, medical malpractice can occur in the following ways:

  • Failure to respond to complications in time
  • Failure to deliver the baby quickly enough, causing hypoxia
  • Excessive pulling or twisting of the baby
  • Lack of pre-birth planning

Many shoulder dystocia injuries resolve themselves, but others permanently impact the child's health. Whether your child's injuries are temporary or permanent, you should not have to bear this burden alone. Compensation from the responsible parties can help to cover medical bills and lost wages, among other necessary items.

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Many parents are hesitant to take legal action after a shoulder dystocia injury, but this only perpetuates the problems you are facing. Filing a claim is easier than you may think with a trusted law firm on your side.

We've won multi-million dollar settlements for our clients and are not afraid to stand up to large corporations, including hospitals and insurance companies. You and your child are entitled to quality medical care and a doctor's failure to deliver this must be addressed.

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