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Most medical malpractice cases involve lingering illnesses, pain, and soreness, which is already inexcusable. Some doctor's may act so negligently, though, that their mistakes lead to catastrophic and avoidable complications and consequences, such as a total amputation of a limb.

Medical malpractice can lead to amputation if:

When a patient leaves a hospital in worse condition than when they arrived, a serious affront to patients' rights may have occurred. In order to set things right again and to help them cope with the difficulties related to limb and digit amputation, a lawsuit should be created quickly.

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Difficulties with Compensation

When the consequences of poor medical practice are as severe as a wrongful amputation, it is likely that hospital staff will start pointing fingers at one another to avoid the blame. In some cases involving infection after a surgery, the patients themselves have been told that they are responsible for the amputation due to their alleged inability to follow a prescription's directions. If you need to make a case, you will be in for an uphill battle that could involve multiple parties.

To properly recover, you may need to sue:

  • Surgical team
  • Diagnosing doctor
  • Prescribing pharmacist
  • Hospital manager or coordinator

The bottom line is that your life is going to be hindered by the wrongful amputation, one way or another. As one of the most catastrophic forms of medical malpractice, it is likely to set you back for the rest of your life. The injury case that you bring against them should be strong enough to pursue compensation that helps pay for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Quality of life decrease
  • Lifelong medical expenses

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After you or a loved one has suffered immeasurably due to an amputation that should have been prevented had the medical staff all worked professionally and safely, you should contact our Miami wrongful amputation attorney as soon as you can. The complications of your case may require an in-depth look at the procedures leading up to the amputation. When you allow our team to represent you, we can manage the intricacies and details while you focus on the rest you deserve.

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