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Many people who work on the open seas or on a vessel might be aware of the Jones Act and how it affords them the right and the ability to make personal injury claims for accidents that happen while they are performing their job duties. Making a maintenance and cure claim, however, is a situation altogether different and usually misunderstood by the average seaman. If you have been hurt while working on a ship, your employer might be betting on you not understanding these types of claims in order to give you less benefits than you deserve.

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What is Maintenance and Cure?

Regardless of your liability in an accident, or how much you could be found at fault for the incident, as a seaman you are deserved some form of maintenance and cure – benefits to help you as you recover. The benefits involved with maintenance and cure have been long-established by maritime law, but matters have only become more complicated as the years go on. In order to feel comfortable as you recuperate from your debilitating injury, you will want to work with us, and let us help you understand the specifics of your claim.

Consider the following details about maintenance and cure:

  1. Maintenance: Payment for your "room and board", or in more current terms, your home. You should be afforded benefits that help you pay for your rent, mortgage, utilities, property taxes, and even daily food – things required for you to live comfortably.
  2. Cure: Coverage for most medical expenses and any related travel time or amenities required for the medical procedures. This is fairly unique, as you can receive coverage even if you were entirely at fault for your accident.

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If your maintenance and cure claims go well and are accepted without meeting opposition, you should be entitled to receive benefits until you are considered at a point of "maximum medical improvement (MMI)." Being able to secure fair benefits could be a true legal battle, though. Team up with our admiralty and maritime law lawyers today to start mapping a course through the complex and challenging seas of your case.

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